Agent Banking & Mobile Money

We offer services that empower you to manage your finances well while making it easy to remit money from one location to another on the go

Agent Banking

cente agent

Nile Micro Finance (U) has been approved to provide most of the banking services like the under listed for and behalf of Centenary Bank.

  • Cash withdraws and deposits
  • Account opening
  • Bill payments
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statements
  • School fees payment

With Mobile Money Transfers and Agency Banking services, financial inclusion is a reality in Nile Micro Finance (U) Ltd. We now have one stop business center for most of your financial services.

Mobile Money

We make it easy for our clients and generally public to receive and remit funds. This way we are able to reach many rural people who find it difficult to track long distances to the banks which are mostly concentrated in rural and urban centres/towns.