Clean Energy Loans

Let's Promote use of sustainable renewable energy, Save money and electrical bills with solar energy. Get our solar loan at affordable interest rates


We provide solar solutions from 3 distinct and world-class leading energy service providers, these are SoloGrid Products, Sunking Products and D.Light Products. Solar power is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation.
It also helps you to save electrical bills and unexpected blackouts.

SoloGrid Products

The SoloGrid power Hub for schools and businesses

SoloGrid Solar Hubs are designed for easy installation and usage, removing the hassle of connecting and monitoring different components. They are in three categories; SoloGrid SG-120, SoloGrid SG-130 and SoloGrid SG-140. They come with 100W, 150W, 200W or 250W solar panels respectively, depending on the power needs of the school. The Solar power Hubs cost between UGX 3.2m and UGX 5m depending on the category selected by the school.

Benefits of the SoloGrid Solar Power Hub

The power generation and storage capacities of the Sologrid solar power Hub will enable schools to:

  • Power lights, laptops and internet for enabling educational activities
  • Boost security of school premises giving students longer study hours, especially at night
  • Reduce energy costs due to a shift from kerosene, generator and/or grid sources of power
  • Maintain a healthy student/business staff population since solar electricity does not pollute the environment.

Terms and Conditions

  • Loan Period of up to 12 months
  • Interest rate of 2.5%-3% per month
  • Minimum Loan amount Ugx 40,000 for group loans and Ugx 100,000 for individual loans
  • Payment Frequency; weekly or monthly
  • The solar kit to be purchased becomes the collateral security

Target group

  • Rural communities not connected to electricity
  • Interested, willing and able members of the general public


  • Save the environment by promoting clean/green energy
  • Promote education by enabling children to study
  • Support income generating activities
  • Promote good public health by reducing inhalation of smoke
  • Reduce risks of fire out breaks associated with candles and kerosene lamps
  • Improve on savings by reducing expenditure on purchase of candles and kerosene

Our Partners in Solar

  • UECCC (Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company)
  • GLP (Greenlight Planet Uganda Limited)

Smart Cooking Stoves

The Smart Cooking Stove is powered by solar energy, it comes in different sizes i.e single stoves, double stoves, triple and the stove can also be constructed in your chicken especially for institutions and Hotels.
Stoves come with solar panels of 30w, 45w, and 75w. The solar panel comes with a battery, two light bulbs, the battery has charging system and has in-built radio.
The stove Cooks using Volcanic Stones In steady of Charcoal.