Home Improvement Loans

We finance purchase of building materials like iron sheets, cement & bricks etc. to improve human habitat. It can also be expanded to buying of land for construction



  • Proof of ownership of land (Leasehold, freehold, purchase agreement and customary land).
  • Letter of recommendation from the LC1 of the area.
  • An adult Ugandan citizen
  • Regular and reliable source of income
  • Personal guarantee

Target group:
Economical active Rural and peri-urban poor

Scope of construction work

  • Foundation works
  • Building a wall
  • Roofing (timber works, iron sheets etc.)
  • Fitting windows and doors
  • Plastering and painting
  • Building a toilet
  • Connection power or solar installation to your house
  • Connecting water to your or rain water harvesting 


  • Improve housing conditions 
  • Promote good sanitation in homes
  • Reduce risks of house burns common with grass thatched houses

Loan Features

  • Loan period of up to 24 months (there are exceptions)
  • Interest rate (2.16%) per month
  • Amount ranging from ugx 100,000 to 5,000,000
  • Payment frequency; monthly

NB: We are biased towards able and willing low income households and construct ordinary residential houses.

For loan amounts more than 5,000,000 or loans for commercial house, contact our office at go down plot 45

Nile Micro Finance (U) LTD may not limit HIL to residential property but also development of simple/ordinary commercial properties which are within the range of our loan amounts and terms.